Director Spike Jonze has finally broken his silence about his much-anticipated adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are, my favourite book as a kid. It's was rumoured that Warner Bros., having spent $75 million on it, thought the film was too scary for kids and ordered re-shoots. But in a recent interview Spike confirmed that filming has finished and the movie is in post-production, with a slated release date of October 2009. He talks at length about how they really tried to capture a certain mood on screen, and on it's Karen O-scored soundtrack, which makes me hopeful that it'll do justice to the book.

"From the beginning, I wanted it to feel a certain way. I wanted it to feel like... like when I was a kid, and I would play with my Star Wars action figures, or read Maurice's books and imagine me being Mickey in IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN, or whatever it was... it felt like it was everything, you know? It's like your imagination is so convincing to yourself that... you're there, you're in it. And I wanted this movie to take it as seriously as kids take their imagination and not, like, fantasy it up. So I think it just started from that feeling, that it could feel like you were there with them, like Max was there with them, and not just in some fantasy movie."
I really hope they don't fuck it up.


L.A.nights said...

awesome. is Jiro starring in it.

SHAR WAH! said...

I really loved this book too. somehow feel that with a good scriptwriter, Michel Gondry could have done it well?? i hate his films storylines but love the fantasy to them.

my little apartment said...

dude. I just realized that was you who commented on my blog about WTWTA. um, I've been reading this shit for the last 2 hours and it's like 3am and I dont even care. epic genius. thank you.