You're walking down the street, minding your own business, when you trip and fall and you're all embarrassed and you look around to see if anyone was watching. How about you're a boxer entering the 02 Arena, trying to be a tough guy in front of 20,000 people before the biggest fight of your life. As your intro music starts pumping, you run in and try to vault the ropes, but unfortunately you clip them and tumble into the ring ass over tit? That's what happened to Monte Barrett, 37, shortly before his recent bout with David Haye. Barrett hit the canvas a further five times that night (not of his own volition) before finally being KO'd in the 5th.

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Conroy said...

i felt so fucking bad for that guy when he messed up that entrance, but from that second i just said, he is not winning this fight. It was not a positive start.