Remember we told you about the Paul McCartney head which was safely recovered last week? Well, the bust of Jiro Bevis has thankfully been salvaged from an antique market by our friend Arthur. Phew!

JIRO WATCH UPDATE: A Jiro-esque/ Bevis doppelgänger / Mexican Elvis look-a-like was recently spotted posing as a Mariachi busker singing "La Bamba" in a restaurant in Berlin.

JIRO WATCH UPDATE: Our Eurasian friend was recently spotted performing onstage. The shades make it difficult to tell who it is, but the ironic sweater is a giveaway.

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SHAR WAH! said...

im choking on my chips! only jiro would own a tiger sweater...i've got another one...http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-sf2p/v310/75/58/510157778/n510157778_722910_9900.jpg

jiro in blue???