This looks epicly awesome.


A film of sheer sound and fury, the uncompromising subject matter (it all but anticipates the race riots that engulfed inner cities soon after its 1980 release) and classic reggae soundtrack helped cement Babylon's reputation as one of the most powerful and historically significant documents about the black British experience ever made. "Dreads with cockney/patwa accents, none of this foe american nonsense you hear wafting along the streets today." - Via Afro Saxon

jaqapparatus 1

Here's a sneak peek at a thing I'm working on. directed by demi-god Chris Cunningham, i can't say too much, but it involves robots and lasers. God knows I love me some robotics.


Robocop is one of the best action movies in the golden era of action movies. This scene featuring the ED-209 has always stayed with me. maybe it's the CGI stop-motion. Or the ultra-violence.

smaller and smaller

Can't believe I missed these guys last night. this is my favourite track offa Angel Dust, a pivotal album for me coming up.

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