I ♥ you ameri1122

Japan. Schoolgirl. Talent show. Chooses to play obscure prog piano concierto. Gets lukewarm reaction. Melts. My. Heart.

Just to show she wasn't fucking kidding...

Staff training videos

If you worked at Wendy's in the 1990s, as part of your training you will have enjoyed this instructional guide to making hot drinks. Cue the Swingbeat...

Oh wait, here's another instructional video, this time focusing on cold beverages...


Few things are more fascinating than watching normal people dance. I have a whole section dedicated to this pastime.
This King Sporty video from the 80s features lots of really good dancers shaking it all over Miami. Particularly love the scene on the beach about 3min in.


Party like it's 1984

Randos wandering around Chinese markets in the 80s

Don't know what it is, but I'm loving these obscure clips uploaded by Solid Space.

Perfect Tommy

Video dopeness from Tommyboy from Arawa FM...


Jiro gets mad when I post the mixtapes he makes for me on this blog. But sharing is caring, buddy, and the world's a better place with your mixes mixed into it. This one's all instrumental. No distracting lyrics. Perfect for trying to do some work to. Enjoy.

*MP3: Download

1-Maynard Ferguson / Swamp
2-Tangerine Dream / Love On A Real Train
3-Ashra / Midnight on Mars
4-Eroc / Kleine Eva
5-Imitation / Oriental Oriental
6-Software / Island-Sunrise
7-Vangelis / Memories of Green
8-Michael Rother / Flammende Herzen
9-Supertronic Co. / Sunrise
10-Mandre / Solar Flight (Opus I)
11-Omar-S / Flying Blind
12-Loosefingers / Mystery Of Love
13-Baldelli, TBC & Sangy / Macumba Reprise
14-Giorgio Moroder / Irena's Theme
15-Joker / Arabian
16-Tropical Jeremy / Medianoche
17-Mason Williams / Classical Gas (Acoustic Version)
18-Chequers / Theme One


Just enough to get you through the day. (Thanks Dan)


Finally, a photoblog that rises above the reblogged froth.

The drummer in Megadeth

No fucking joke, I have seen Decline of the Western Civilization at least 50 times. I watched it obsessively when I was growing up. The film features this Megadeth song which I still know all the words to (as is the case with every single song on the soundtrack). The movie-version is embed protected, so I have to embed an inferior yet still awesome rendition...

This performance makes me realise that all I ever wanted in life was to be the drummer in Megadeth...

Frayed Ends Of Sanity

The most underrated 'Talli song there is. EPIC.


Wish I was listening to this on a beach. Listen more here: Wild Nothing

Freedom Fighters?


Two of my favourite graphic artists, Will Sweeney and Matt Furie, team up tonight at Jag Shoes!

Augmented (Hyper)Reality

My friend Keiichi Matsuda has put out another film depicting his vision of a future world where digital information is omnipresent. Exciting or terrifying? Either way, Keiichi's film was a hit at the recent 3-D Film Festival at the Barbican. I hope that he and I will get to work together soon...