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New Shit

Jiro Bevis thinks he has the best taste in everything -- especially in music. While this may or may not be true, I really enjoy highlighting the holes in his otherwise encyclopaedic knowledge. The biggest hole, as I told him the other night, was that all his musical references are pre-1990; he knows nothing about new music. Or so I thought. Just got this email from the big man:
"Here you go, 21 new tracks, no shit rich fake hipster kids from London who have no jobs or talent, no major labels or shit indie labels funded by major labels, no bullshit marketing or hyped up crap from shit music sites, all independent labels making music the right way."

Download: New Shit


Young Marco - Moving Fast (Very Slowly)
Hatchback - Paradise Drive
Cos/Mes - Heavenly Trax' (Jonny Nash Remix)
Jahiliyya Fields - White Cabbage
Idjut Boys - One For Kenny
Soft Rocks - Wicker Man
Coloroma - Hapus
Kham Lingtsang Band - Solan
Sombrero Galaxy - Journey To The Centre of The Sun
Apiento - The Orange Place
Beautiful Swimmers - Excited
Alexis Le-Tan - Marathon Man
Roland Tings - Polo Sport
Sensual Beings - Detached Feelings
Slava - World of Spirits
Secret Circuit - Nebula Sphynx
Tom Noble - Malaco
Locussolus - Little Boots
Simoncino - Mystic Motion
Swimmers & Gang - Sexy
Run N Tug - All 4 You Instrumental