Jiro gets mad when I post the mixtapes he makes for me on this blog. But sharing is caring, buddy, and the world's a better place with your mixes mixed into it. This one's all instrumental. No distracting lyrics. Perfect for trying to do some work to. Enjoy.

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1-Maynard Ferguson / Swamp
2-Tangerine Dream / Love On A Real Train
3-Ashra / Midnight on Mars
4-Eroc / Kleine Eva
5-Imitation / Oriental Oriental
6-Software / Island-Sunrise
7-Vangelis / Memories of Green
8-Michael Rother / Flammende Herzen
9-Supertronic Co. / Sunrise
10-Mandre / Solar Flight (Opus I)
11-Omar-S / Flying Blind
12-Loosefingers / Mystery Of Love
13-Baldelli, TBC & Sangy / Macumba Reprise
14-Giorgio Moroder / Irena's Theme
15-Joker / Arabian
16-Tropical Jeremy / Medianoche
17-Mason Williams / Classical Gas (Acoustic Version)
18-Chequers / Theme One

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Matt said...

Fantastic mix!