True story that happened exactly ten years ago this week.

My friends Danalog (then 19) Jamie-James Medina (then 15) and Zain (also 15) were in a band called Fruit Cocktail. They practised in the attic of their mum's house in Highbury Fields. I always wanted to be in the band, but they always kept me on the periphery, a bit like the way the Rolling Stones treated Billy Preston.

Anyways, at that time we were all really into the then newly-formed Queens Of The Stone Age. OK yeah, I know, now they're fat, rich rockstar dudes with boring songs. But back in 1998 - I'm talking way back, before their eponymously-titled debut album had even come out - Queens were amazingatronic.

Their first ever UK show took place at the Highbury Garage on November 3 1998. Fruit Cocktail went along to the venue before the gig, befriended the band, and somehow managed to convince Josh Homme to play guitar on one of their songs. Jamie-James, who has a knack for this sort of thing, went back to the band's tour bus with Josh, who then overdubbed a solo on a little 4-track recorder. A decade later and the song still sounds rad. Homme's robotic arpeggios are way better than anything he's done recently. Oh yeah, Zain's vocals are in Bengali. What he's singing does not actually makes any sense though. Just jibba jabba. Still incredible though.

"Seraseri" - taken from Fruit Cocktail's third record In the House of Disco Duck

* Josh Homme was just one of many musicians who recorded with Fruit Cocktail. They also somehow enticed Mike Patton, Buzz and Dale from The Melvins, Tim from Rancid, and Ben Kweller to come around to their mum's house and record in the little rehearsal space/studio in the basement. Look out for a new Fruit Cocktail album, The Sound of Victory, out in 2009.

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