Forget Britain's Got Talent, X-Factor, and America's Next Top Model. The ONLY TV talent show worth watching is China's English Speaking Contest. I'm totally hooked! Thousands of young people enter the competition to find the most fluent orator in the land. My favourite bit is when the contestants come on stage, introduce themselves, and recite an inspirational quote or a statement (see above).

The undisputed star so far is Shi Yupeng. He's the camp guy who comes on at 1:45 and overuses overblown gesticulation and hyperbole (watch his speech here). It all gets pretty emotive, especially in the debate part of the contest. Last year's winner, Wang Liansi, stole the show by calling her opponents "bananas" - not as in "crazy" but as in "yellow on the outside, white on the inside" - displaying a knowledge of racial slurs beyond that of even native English speakers.


JIRO said...

They sound more English than you Dom.

Anonymous said...

Hobbies : Public Singing


lunch said...

hobbies: reading and chatting.

what a champ.