Poor people in Haiti are having to eat mud due to rising food costs. Gross cookies made from clay, butter and salt are consumed in order to quell painful hunger pangs and provide much needed minerals. However, they also contain animal faeces, tapeworm, parasites, and toxins that will probably kill you - not to mention the fact that they taste like shit. Known as "terre" (earth), the biscuits are dirt-cheap and often the only food affordable to the 80% of people in Haiti live on less than 50p a day. But the rising cost of clay means that even these are now proving too expensive. Meanwhile, nearby countries like the US and Brazil are burning stockpiles of wheat, maize, sugar cane and other food crops in order to make ethanol biofuels.

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BunnyO said...

yeah too bad really haiti was the most fertile soil and area in almost the fucking world. But how about you google satellite images of haiti/dominican border, and there you will see a brown/gray dull lifeless haiti, and a green rich dominican. WHY ? Because the dirt is no longer fertile in Haiti, they tore out all the planets, quit farming, and now live in shit. Food costs should mean not as much if they would farm. But they killed all the white people, took over and then feel to shit. Let them eat shit and die. FUCK them, you reap what you sow.