10. Double meat cheeseburgers, double order of french fries, Dr. Pepper and a pint of banana nut ice cream - Johnny James

9. Ribs smothered in onions and gravy, rice with butter, ice water and Dr. Pepper. - Charlie Livingston

8. None. Last minute he decided to eat a hamburger at his Mother’s request. - Delbert Teague, Jr.

7. Chicken fried steak with white gravy, french fries with white gravy, lots of salt and pepper, and sweet ice tea. Ricky McGinn

6. 3 beef enchiladas with onions, 3 cheese enchiladas with onions, Spanish rice, bowl of jalapenos, french fries, cheeseburger all the way, bowl of mayonnaise, bowl of ketchup, bowl of pico de gallo, 3 Dr. Peppers, pitcher of ice, banana split ice cream, and 4 quesadillas. - Miguel Flores

5. Chocolate birthday cake with “2/23/90″ written on top, seven pink candles, one coconut, kiwi fruit juice, pineapple juice, one mango, grapes, lettuce, cottage cheese, peaches, one banana, one delicious apple, chef salad without meat and with thousand island dressing, fruit salad, cheese, and tomato slices. - Miguel Richardson

4. 12 pieces of chicken (thighs and drumsticks), 2 double-meat cheeseburgers on toasted buns, 1 large place of brown french fries with ketchup, 2 large onions (cut in slices), 2 large tomatoes (cut in slices), 6 sweet pickles, salad dressing, 5 sliced jalapeno peppers, peach cobbler with extra crust, and milk. - Vincent Cooks

3. Two chili cheese dogs, two cheeseburgers, two orders of onion rings with French dressing, turkey salad with French fries, chocolate cake, apple pie, butter pecan ice cream, egg rolls, one peach, three Dr. Peppers, jalapeno peppers, ketchup, and mayonnaise. - Williams Richard

2. Twelve beef ribs, three enchiladas, chicken fried steak with cream gravy, crisp bacon sandwich, ketchup, a loaf of bread, cobbler, three Cokes, three root beer, French fries, and onion rings. - Crawford Hilton

1. French fries, five pieces of fried chicken, and three Dr. Peppers - Tony Walker

I think I'd have Steak Tartare, 1 piece of Fried Chicken (Thigh), 4 pieces of Tuna Sashimi, 1 Piece of Gyoza, Unagi, a thick juicy slice of roast lamb with mint sauce and a fork filled with abit of Sausage, Bacon, Hash Brown & Baked Beans, oh and a Balut if I haven't had one by then.



hurvay said...

spending time on death row is gonna change your mind about sashimi

dominic said...

bouillabaisse, tacos and fried plantain, washed down with purple grape juice. KILL ME NOW!

videotime said...

Dr Pepper is very popular with rapists and murderers I see...Maybe the guards drink ice cold cans of it non stop in front of them.
I like the look of meal number 4. But would change the Peach Cobbler to a slice of austrian hazelnut cake because I am extravagant.

Clarence Stately-Holmes said...

ribena and a chicken & sweetcorn sandwich from marks and spencer.