Phantasm 1 (complete film)

Phantasm 2 (complete film)

PHANTASM is a brilliant low budget horror film from the 70's about two brothers, Jody and Mike Pearson who along with their buddy, REGGIE try to kill super bad guy/alien/undertaker, the TALL MAN who turns dead people into zombie dwarves who he sends back to another dimension aswell as using them as his helpers. Their have so far been 3 sequals with Phantasm 5 hopefully coming out later this year, the only ones worth watching are the first 2 really, they get abit rubbish after Phantasm 2, its only worth watching Phantasm 3 and 4 if you really like Reggie. Enjoy......BOYYYYYYYYYY!


alexandre said...

we should pay to see this blog. I mean it's the laugh of the day. Puts me into the right mood. People pay to have pills which do that.

alexandre said...

i mean laugh + thrill + escape etc.

t jones said...

add part 3 and 4