I know it ain't the same as having the book, but unless you're willing to spend big bucks or you can read German their ain't no other way of reading this little beauty. If you don't know, Krautrocksampler is a book by super nut and ex The Teardrop Explodes singer Julian Cope. Released in 1995, Krautrocksampler describes the undeground music scene in Germany, known as Krautrock or Kosmische Music from 1968 through to the 1970's, and also contains individual chapters on the main bands and artists of the scene such as Neu!, Amon Düül I and II, Ash Ra Tempel, Faust, Tangerine Dream and The Cosmic Jokers. Julian Cope also writes a list called '50 Kosmische Classics' which you can also see HERE. Anyway, for the good stuff go HERE


Troy said...

Brilliant, been waiting for years to read this lost artifact. I've bought all his other books, a pity that this one hasn't been reprinted.

Great blog, thanks for pointing me along to the KRAUTROCKSAMPLER.


dinos Zoumperis said...

thanks mate!