If I ever made a film I think the song I would use for the opening scene would be Shake It Up by THE CARS. In the scene, some kid would probably be late for school, and he'd be in a rush getting his clothes on, his bedroom would have posters on the wall like Cheap Trick, Robert Crumb's Stoned Agin, a lady in a bikini wearing shades drinking a Bud and a Union Jack and the light would be coming in through the blinds, you would see him slide down the stairs and run past his mum and dad so fast they didn't know what happened, then you'd see him running to school knocking things over like trash cans and his shoe laces still wouldn't be tied up, stuff like that, then he's get to school and be running down the hall and sneak into his chair in his classroom without his teacher noticing, it would be awesome. It would probably have to be set somewhere sunny in the US in the late 70s or early 80's as well, and the main character would have a best friend who wears crazy things at school like those headphones with built in radios, and some shades, and a trench coat, and he always tries to chat up hot chicks and they always slap him in the face. Why does RIC OCASEK look like such a freak?

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