Maharishi died yesterday in Holland. He was well known for developing Transcendental Meditation and introducing it to the West as well as hanging out with the Beatles, Mike Love and Donovan, but really he was just a useless randy old man who supposedly tried to rape Mia Farrow, The Beatles soon realised this and wrote the song Sexy Sadie in honour of him, I didn't realise until listening to JOHN LENNON'S ROLLING STONE INTERVIEW how much of a dick he thought the Maharishi was.

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alexandre said...

yeah and oh chief! you forgot to mention that mia's sister was there too, to heal some depression/anxiety feelings. her name was Prudence. And Paul felt worry about her... no kidding. Paul - Chief, you always refer to John - well paul didn't give a shit about MT but he dreamt about a yellow submarine during this trip. He tells his dream to the small audience one morning. And the gourou assistant answers him: "that's what Transc. Meditation is about. You realize that you are a bubble of air slowly rising up to the surface where there's no more pressure, no more fears". Paul must have thought: "i don't give a shit. I'm just gonna make a fuckin good song out of this dream".