Here's the trailer for the new Indian Jones film, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when the John Williams music started playing, but then the CGI kicked in and my heart sank, this film is going to be crap, why do filmmakers have to be so fucking lazy and insist on using CGI for everything, CGI is ruining films, why cant they spend a little bit of time in creating real effects using real models, make up and stuff like that. George Lucas is a dick, Steven Spielberg is turning into a dick, they're ruining all the great stuff they've done in the past, in 20 years time Steven Spielberg will probably CGI out Indy's whip and replace it with a rose or something stupid like that.

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alexandre said...

spielberg decided to shoot part of the movie at Yale university, in New Haven, where his son is studying at the artschool. It's gonna be lot of fun when the movie comes out.