MIHIR BOSE if you dont know is the BBC sports editor who regularly writes the most boring, pointless and factually incorrect articles that can be found on the net about football, he also has the most annoying smug little face on his blog. I often comment on how crap he is on his blog but my comments are always removed, I know I'm not the only person who finds this man really annoying as the majority of the comments left on his articles are about how pointless he is, yet he still comes out with the same shit. Today he told us the ground breaking news that Uefa have extended the number of teams entering Euro '12 from 16 to 24 and that he has personally been told by Uefa that their is no plan B incase the host arent ready in time, he also talks about MICHAEL Platini (not Michel). Please feel free to visit his blog and tell him how crap he is.

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