Fergadelic has allowed his buddy Riton to go through his extensive record collection and make an exclusively German label only mix tape called Eine Kleine Tonite Music, I had to actually set up and use iTunes store for the first time ever to listen to it, you can get it HERE. It's got Holger Czukay's Persian Love on it followed by the Tangerine Dream song from Risky Business which means it's gonna be great.

Eroc- Zimperlein
Edgar Froese- Pinnacles
Intence- Jump On Velvet Paws
Kraftwerk- Boing Boom Tschak
Kraftwerk- Neonlicht
Tone Band- This Is Germany Calling
Toy Planet- Two Dophins Go Dancing
Faust- It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl
Guru Guru- Globetrotter
Conrad Schnitzler- Das Teir
Peter Bauman- The Third State
Cluster- Caramel
Cluster- Grosses Vasses
Holger Czukay- On The Way To The Peak Of Normal
Die Grune Reise- Ich Bin
Baffo Banfi- Indian
Rheingold- Drieklangsdimensionen
Canaxis 5 -Boat Woman Song
Amon Duul II- Burning Sister
Uberfallig- Puls
Neu- Hallogallo
Eloy- Impressions
Holger Czukay- Persian Love
Tangerine Dream- Love On a Real Train
Segius Golowin- Die Weibe Aim

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