I hate Spike Lee, his films are crap, he's pretty much a racist and now he has decided to have a go at Clint Eastwood about not having any black actors in his film FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS which is based on the true story of the six men who raised the flag at The Battle of Iwo Jima. Had Spike Lee bothered watching the film he would have realised their are quite a few black actors in the film albeit very briefly, but then the story of the film has nothing to do with any particular black person. The only reason Spike does shit like this is because he's a poor director who no one cares about and whose only way of gaining any publicity for his films is by slagging off great directors like Clint Eastwood, fuck you Spike Lee!

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Anonymous said...

I piss on spike lee!

He looks like a fly - look at those fucking eyes man!!!