Goodfellas is great, it's one of those films that no one hates, and if someone says they do then they're an idiot who's just trying to be different. One of the best things about it like all Scorsese films is the soundtrack, although if you've ever tried to buy it you'll know that the official soundtrack is pretty poor and has around 30 songs missing. I came across The Complete Goodfellas Soundtrack a couple years ago that had been compiled by some nerds somewhere and so I thought you should have it too. My favourite scene in Goodfellas is when Atlantis by Donovan is playing and DeNiro, Pesci and Ray Liota are kicking the shit out of another guys face, the look on DeNiro's face is possibly the greatest piece of acting I've ever seen. Watching this Donovan video I've just noticed that he either has really short legs, as if his real legs were stolen and replaced with the legs of a child, or his arms are really really large. He reminds me of a statue that was made for Southampton football Club but then immediately taken down for looking SHIT.



emily said...

i really do hate goodfellas.

Jimmy said...

Hey, wiseguy, could you do me a favah and upload this again. Cuz I ain't getting scugots.

Anonymous said...

UPLOAD please this ost.

is really fucking good
better than the goddanm album; email me when u do it man;