I dont particularly like American Football in fact I think it's pretty gay, because of it Football is called Soccer by some people, the game play is based around adverts, they played a league game in another country and ruined Wembley's pitch resulting in England losing to Croatia and not qualifying for Euro 2008, most people watch the Super Bowl because of the commercials rather than the actual game, feet and the ball aren't actually used that much together in the game and the teams that compete to be the World Champions only come from America, but I do like the rings the players get for winning the Super Bowl. Each one is unique to the team that won it that year and if you've got one you can show it off to all your friends and hot chicks everyday unlike a normal medal which you usually wear round your neck, but you'd look like abit of an idiot if you wore that around every day. HERE is a list of each ring starting from Super Bowl I back in 1966.

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