Talking of PREDATOR, the greatest scene from any movie ever is when Dylan and Dutch meet for the first time in the movie, it gets me so pumped and makes me proud to be a man. Also, when I watched this film with my friend Henry once he told me the scene reminded him of his Grandad, and I always thought that was a bit strange.

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Henry McCausland said...

hey, eff you,

when i was 12 they showed predator on christmas eve- i was watching it with my little brother and my grandad. when this scene happened, my grandad exclaimed "oof, look at those beans" which made me and my little brother laugh because it was such a weird old expression that only war-time people come out with. so it reminds me of my grandad in a proustian way, not in a way that carl weathers flexing is in any way actually reminiscent of the man who was my grandad.
he died the next day.