I just found this great blog after a friend of mine played Come On Closer by Italo Disco outfit Pineapples at Cocadisco the other night (best night in London by the way) and I was trying to find it on the net. The blog is filled with loads of awesome music to download including John Carpenter soundtracks, Supermax, Bobby O, Space (not the Scouse Indie band), Wendy Carlos, Kano (not the Grime one) and Ashra as well as a lot of amazing Italo Disco artwork. Here's the song that made me find it in the first place.


By the way, the guy's vocals on the song are a bit odd, it kinda sounds like he should be singing for a furniture store advert, anyway you can actually download a dub version if you don't like his voice and all the other stuff HERE.


Anonymous said...

so what's the link to the blog? Or am I a moron? Couldn't find the link

Chief Wash Harris said...

At the bottom.

JQ said...

Killer track. I found an interview a while back with the producer, and he said that the vocalist was some random Texan guy from an American Army base near him in Italy. He just needed someone who was American - rather than an Italian trying to sound American – so asked around the soldiers until he found this bloke.../ Justin Quirk