I promised Bucks Fizz I'd make a Sabbath mix for the uninitiated. So here are the 10 songs I like the most, plus my Sab story...

When I was 13 I got a summer job mopping floors in a warehouse with the sole intention of earning cash to satisfy my hunger for heavy metal. Clutching my first week's wages of £10, I biked down to Our Price in Stokport town centre and set about choosing a tape to buy. I couldn't make my mind up and it took me AGES to decide... so long in fact that the sales staff suspected I was shoplifting and called the police. The cops came, searched me, found nothing, yet still I got reprimanded -- though the only crime I was guilty of was loving heavy riffs. Anyways, the album I finally settled on was Black Sabbath's eponymous debut. I distinctly remember being completely seduced and scared shitless by the evil-sounding storytelling. Fact is, Satan is fucking cool. Especially when you're 13...

That's a photo of my then boss and me clutching a fistful of cassettes.

The Writ

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Behind The Wall Of Sleep

Hand Of Doom

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Symptom Of The Universe

Into the Void (Kyuss)

The Wizard

Fairies Wear Boots


Sabra Cadabra


jack andrew lantern said...

And a candlemass tee. Sweet.

dominic said...

Yep. I actually drew that myself. Wish I still had it.

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