Table For One is a photo blog dedicated to the solo diner. It's caused a bit of a kerfuffle, angering many with its apparent mean-spiritness.

Part of me agrees. It does seem cruel to sneakily snap photos of old men and laugh at their loneliness: "Ha ha! Look at that old guy! His wife probably died! What a dork! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
But I don't think that that's the point. I think it's more about documenting a solitary moment...

I've been eating out a lot recently (for reasons I won't bore you with) and, because I have no friends, I've often had to dine alone. People think this behaviour is sociopathic, but I quite enjoy it - just like I enjoy going to the cinema and playing basketball solo too.

Of course it's more fun with a friend, but sometimes alone time can be chicken soup for the soul.

Top tip: There's only so long you can pretend to be busy on your phone so bring something to read if you're dining without company.

All this reminds me of this scene from The Lonely Guy.

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