We just hung this up outside my office.

World Cup starts today. Yay! I would support England coz Rooney is the White Pele, but I can't hide my contempt for John Terry. And Frank Lampard. And Ashley Cole. So ...

Go Ghana!

Or Cameroon (who have better chance in their group).

Or any of the African teams.

Or any of the developing countries from Asia and South America (Argentina and Brazil not included).

Or Spain - especially Xavi and Iniesta.

Or anyone but Italy, or France, or frickin' Germany.

As I have said before on this blog, the best football team the World Cup has ever seen was the Colombia squad of 1994...

I just noticed the goalkeeper Rene Higuita in this pic, on his tippy-toes trying to look taller...


Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck about the world cup, its all about the NBA Finals douchebag.

Soccer is boring, 1 or 2 points a match. Wow.

BOOOM said...

Soccer? Points?

What is this sport you speak of?

Who cares about the World Cup?

There is nothing as great as the beautiful game.