Kids in places like South Africa go train surfing for thrills. My buddy Jamie-James recently made a film about it called Sanza Hanza. But in the Indian subcontinent, people ride roof because there's no room in the over-crowded carriages, or they can't afford a ticket.

>Although the video above makes it look like a fun roof-top party, thousands of deaths from falls or electrocution occur on the region's crumbling railway system every year. One incident in Lucknow in January saw 200 people get swept off a train roof by overhanging tree branches.

A recent incident at Etawah station was caught on phone-camera by someone standing on the platform. The film shows a young man climb onto a train and act erratically in front of the gathered crowd. Then, almost by accident, he grips the high-voltage cable.



Some Chilean Woman said...

That was crazy! Not good for when you're eating meatloaf!

CUPCAKE 2000 said...

OMG, his burning corpse is just left hanging there. It's like that bit in the original Batman movie when Joker shakes hands with that mob boss and electrocutes him.