Mj3_2My Mum called and told me she had found a box of my belongings that she thought I would want to see. I went home, opened the box and found letters, poems, newspaper cuttings, concert tickets and these pictures that I lovingly drew of my childhood idol Michael Jackson...

My love of MJ started when I was 8 years old and my mum took me to see the Bad tour at Wembley Stadium in 1987. My mum knew the head of security there so we bypassed everyone who'd been camping outside the entrance and got in an hour before the doors opened. Being in the front row ahead of 80,000 people was a pretty big deal for me back then.


I loved MJ a lot. I had posters all over my bedroom and used to
practice his dance moves and everything. One Christmas, I think it was
just after his Dangerous tour, my mum gave me and my brothers an
envelope with a card inside that had numbers and letters on it. My
older brother thought that he'd been given a car and the card was the
license plate number. But no, it was a flight number to go to
California. Amazing.


When we were there I made my family drive 6.5 hours through
desert so that I could go to Michael's Neverland ranch in Santa
Barbara. When we got there I stood at the gate and wrote Michael a poem
which I posted through the mailbox. My parents actually left
me there for an hour while they went to get lunch. There I was, just
me - leaning longingly against the gates - and the Neverland security guard. I
was sent a cup of tea. I didn't like tea at the time, but it was from
Michael so I drank every last drop.




L.A.nights said...

that's fantastic. the magical journey. the eternal wonder.

Conroy said...

I use to have the michael jackson action figure, i say action figure but actually it was more of a doll if i'm honest.